Master cheese makers for four generations

Since 1880 the Cheese Factory Antonio Garau has been producing the typical Sardinian cheeses. In the space of four generations, also thanks to the old maturing cellars in use since more than 130 years, it has preserved the tradition and today it puts on the market cheeses rich in age-old flavour, almost lost but not forgotten.

un ritratto di Antonio Garau (1859-1929), fondatore del Caseificio Antonio Garau a Mandas

At the end of the 19th-century, when the cheese factory started the production with its founder Antonio Garau, in Sardinia several companies tried to meet the increasing demand of cheese towards the new national and international markets, and in particular the one made up of the large Italian colony in North America.

At that time there was no talking about company philosophy but Antonio counted on recovering a millenary tradition of transforming milk: an ability in which the shepherd's skill and competence combined with the pursuit of taste and with the perseverance of quality. That choice allowed him to lay the foundations of a growing cheese factory which up to now is appreciated for the extraordinary authenticity and the unique flavour of its cheeses.

The natural alternation of the generations has kept alive the age-old flavour of the cheese produced by Antonio and his scrupulosity, combined with the continuous pursuit of perfection, has been well handed down from his son Beniamino to his grandson Antonio, in order to reach the fourth generation today which - with Beniamino Garau - reproposes the age-old flavour of the tra- ditional products and the modern taste of the innovative ones.

To the several types of classical pecorino cheeses, today the innovative Granduca di Mandas and Zinnibiri, are added, which are produced by the present generation of the Garau family.

Also the succession of the names in the four generations of the Garau family tells something about the importance of tradition: respectful beginning from using the original factory, obviously conformed to the strict quality control regulations. This also permits us to give our customers a large choice of pecorino cheeses originated from ancient know-how.

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