Colline di Mandas stagionato

The Colline di Mandas  stagionato is the oldest cheese of the Caseificio Garau, produced since 1880. Today as long ago it is only put on the market after a most scrupulous maturing in the original cellars, where it obtains its remarkable and unique “personality”, capable of telling ancient flavours and fragrances to those who can listen.

A half-cooked, mature cheese with hard texture, only produced from very fresh sheep's milk coming from the Sardinian inland's pastures. The result of a maturing not less than six months is palatably spicy.

It has a cylindrical shape with flat faces and straight lateral sides and it weighs about 2,5 kg. Its age-old flavour is enhanced by the civraxiu, a typical Sardinian bread from Trexenta and Medio Campidano.

Caseificio Antonio Garau dal 1880 S.r.l. - Mandas (CA) • P. IVA 03365060924 •