A taste for tradition

For many companies it is an inexorable destiny: as years go by, the artisanal specialities give way to the industrial production, and in this way you loose the original taste and flavour.

In order to defend and hand down the age-old flavours of the Sardinian pecorino cheeses, exhalting the taste of the milk produced by the sheep that pasture on our hills, the Caseificio Garau continues to be very strict in the choice of raw material: it only uses sheep's milk that comes from sheep-farming in the centre of Sardinia. And it makes sure that - in complete respect of the sanitary regulations - the genuineness and the typicalness deriving from a diet mostly based on spontaneous herbs and typical shrubs of the Mediterranean scrub are preserved.

The cheeses that are produced like this strictly follow the ancient tradition handed down by the master cheesemakers, together with strict controls and the employment of technologies conformed to the European rules and standards.

The confirmation of the genuineness and the quality of the cheese factory Garau's cheeses can also be observed in the slight variation of the taste that follows the rhythm of the seasons in an absolutely natural way. The characteristics of the milk change obviously from spring to autumn, because the sheeps' diet from a season to another is enriched with different wild herbs.

The various production stages find their exaltation in the last crucial moment of he maturing. This is fullfilled inside the old cellars inaugurated at Mandas in 1880 by Antonio Garau, and they are now guardians of the unique flavours originated from more than 130 years of use. Also this factor ensures that the taste of the Garau cheeses is always rich of the age-old flavour, almost lost but not forgotten!

The quality and genuineness of our cheeses have allowed us to enter the prestigious Japonese market: the web site jp.porcovino.com proposes a selection of the cheesefactory Garau's products, enriched with pictures and film clips.

A short form presenting the cheesefactory Garau's products is appeared in the January 2011 number of the magazine Vie del Gusto.


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