Granduca di Mandas

The Granduca di Mandas is a hard-textured cheese, cooked, exclusively produced from very fresh sheep's milk coming from the Sardinian inland's pastures. It is one of the innovative table cheeses, produced exclusively by the Caseificio Garau and it is characterized by its hard and compact texture, being the result of a process that gives it a homogeneous structure and you can break it into slives.

The whole cheese is large-sized and has a medium weight of 16 kg. The maturing takes place in the most ancient part of the original cellars of the cheese factory, dated 1880, and it goes on for about 12 months as for the mature one, particularly rich in nutritional items that have merged for a long time.

The rich taste, with flavour of dried fruit and spices, delicate and unique, makes it an excellent table cheese, capable of enhancing the characteristics of the finest Sardinian wines. It is also very suitable for grating and for being used in a wide range of recipes where its delicate taste evolves into a harmony of unique and rich flavours.

Caseificio Antonio Garau dal 1880 S.r.l. - Mandas (CA) • P. IVA 03365060924 •