Cheeses, innovation and tradition

Right from the very beginning the Caseificio Antonio Garau is situated at Mandas, an important agricultural and pastoral center of the Trexenta. We are in the middle-south of Sardinia, a region with large hilly surfaces and vast plateaus that receive several flocks since ancient times.

The distinctive flavour of the sheep's milk produced in the local sheep-farmings - the only one present in our cheeses - derives from the herbs and aromatic essences that characterize the pastures of the area.

Today the whole production process, from the choice of the best milk to the processing stages up to the correct maturing, is scrupulously supervised in full obedience of the cheese factory's tradition and excellence.

In this small photo gallery we have picked out some images that better than a lot of words can explain our way of working (every miniature below leads to a new page).

Caseificio Antonio Garau dal 1880 S.r.l. - Mandas (CA) • P. IVA 03365060924 •